Lumps and bumps and dresses…

Yeah… I have a thing for these short dresses… Like the whole vibe and feel, like my legs in them even with my lumps and bumps showing. I bought this cute little thing at the Monki store. Its a size L. I wear a european size 46/48. I think its important to show that with a plussize you don’t always have to shop in plussize stores to find cute little dresses… I could get really self consious and not wear this dress because it shows my lumps and bumps in the back, but you know what?! I like this dress and I’ll be wearing it…
Just like I wore my thight pink runningpants today in town.  I have come such a long way in accepting myself and the way I look. So to hear two middle aged balding men who had something to say about my fat ass. It felt so good to realize that no one, and I really mean NO ONE is interested in what they have to say… This could have made me doubt myself in the past, but it felt so liberating to walk past them, flip my hair and ignore them. Hooray for the body positivity movement.. It really really works!!!!
Now let’s get on with more important issues then those 2 f**ls… When can we expect some sunshine around here, so I can actually wear this dress?! 😉
Sneakers are from Nike and my bracelets are from Lady Africa

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